The principal ideas behind the website for Apollo's Pizzeria were speed and efficiency.

When people go to a restaurant's website they want to know about the food, the location, and contact information. All of this information is prominently displayed on the website, reducing the amount of time users need to spend digging around for information.

Screenshot of Apollos.ca home page

Speed and User Experience

Having a quick website is crucial to its continuing success.
Think about how many websites you've closed because they didn't load quickly enough, or when you've been frustrated because you couldn't find what you were looking for.

Apollos.ca loads fast because of properly minified assets and sparingly used graphics, the navigation is simple as well, leading to a quality user experience.
Having only a few pictures on the website might leave some users wanting more, but I believe the performance is more than worth it; as a slow website would likely dissuade many users.

Menu Page

This is probably my favorite part of the website especially on mobile.
The menu is easy to navigate with each section of the menu easily accessible on the left of the screen (or the top buttons on mobile.)
All of the options are clearly laid out for the user, and in keeping with the rest of the site it's fast.

Screenshot of Apollos.ca menu page

Mobile Funcionality

An important component of any modern website is fluid mobile accessibility.
Nobody wants to have to zoom in on each facet of the site to inspect it; and features such as dropdown menus and buttons can be a nightmare on mobile.

On the apollos mobile website careful consideration was also paid to the buttons, making sure they were large enough for the user to easily interact with.
The navigation was designed with mobile in mind, providing smooth website navigation on mobile devices.


Apollos.ca Is a good example of a clean website with speed and user experience in mind, it isn't a graphic heavy website, it doesn't need to be! It's fast, responsive, and easy to navigate.

It's important to recognize who you're trying to target with your website. Most small businesses don't need a designer website, they need something simple that works.

Check out the live Apollos Pizzeria website at apollos.ca