Missile Command Clone


When we talk about video games to other people we try to use short phrases to help the other person understand what a game is like.
If we're trying to explain an FPS we might mention the theme, e.g. "Modern Military FPS" If we're trying to explain Mario party "Board game with mini games" jumps to my mind.

Any time I've ever spoken to someone about Missile Command, in one way or another "difficult" is used.
And I can't really disagree, Missile Command is a tough game!
It's true that there were a lot of difficult video games released in the arcade golden age, but a lot of these games were just unfair;
they were made to be too difficult for the average player, and eat all of their quarters.

Missile Command is difficult but the game doesn't cheat, it's a fun sort of difficulty, maybe that's why so many people describe the game in this way.

Screenshot of Missile Command Clone

The Demo

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Complicated Simplicity

Part of what's endearing about old arcade games is how simple they are to play, most games only used an arcade stick and 1-3 buttons.
Designing a fun and interesting game while having limitations put on your creativity is not an easy thing to do.

It's easy to have big ideas, to come up with an expansive world and interesting concepts, but to come up with something fun and unique using 3 buttons is a true test of imagination.

Missile Command is a simple game, fire missiles at missiles to blow them up. At least that's what a first time player thinks, but there is so much more going on.
Planes, missile management, smart bombs, splintering missiles, all of these need to be thought of and accounted for.
This is where the true complexity lies.


Missile Command was an interesting project, I didn't know much about the game before I started, I'd say I still don't know that much about the game, it has a surprising amount of depth for its time.
Part of what makes games so interesting is how you can create a game that plays almost exactly like another but still has its own feel; its own character.

People can try as much as they want to recreate the original experience, but the best place to play real Missile Command will always be at an arcade machine with a trackball.